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been waiting nearly 2 years for a completed, fully functional, error free site. paid over $10,000.00 so far, with no end in site. Would not a will not recommend this company. Is ther a way to put a negative 10 stars?

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 04 Feb 2015


This cloud service is new, but it really works as it promise. And I have not seen this type application, so 5 star.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 09 Dec 2014


Accupos is by far the worst company I have dealt with. Every time you call them with a problem or question, you must first wait on hold for at least a half hour, sometimes closer to 45 minutes. After the long wait you usually get a technician that can't help you. So after the 30 min. wait on hold you have 30 min. tied up with an inferior technician. After all that you get transferred to the right guy to fix your problems...

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 18 Nov 2014

Keen Print

They refuse to answer questions, constantly guide you down roads already traveled, and basically do not have a product to sell that matched the one that they are now marketing. Their marketing spiel sounds really good, however, when you buy the product, they suddenly cannot speak English, and cannot answer questions. They are really towing the line on things and I would definitely ask to see working examples that are in...

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 18 Nov 2014


We're an entirely cloud-based company with many different services. Okta lets our users forget about that fact and just use our services as they see fit.

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Last reviewed on Friday, 24 Oct 2014


BeAnywhere effectively kicks Logmein Rescue, Central, Pro and Logmein's other overpriced and newly buggy services off the map! Its' a no brainer!

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Last reviewed on Monday, 20 Oct 2014


Shopio has always been with us with its instant support and successful e-commerce software. We never had to deal with any technical problems during our heavy daily operations and we become the most successful online nutrition e-retailer in our country.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 23 Sep 2014


I have used Aralco Inventory Management and POS systems since 1993. Ease-of-use: The Point of Sale is easy to follow for a novice or an experienced retail person. It can handle split currency, and opening and closing is very straightforward. The Back Office is straightforward. Reports are easy to produce, giving you lots of variations to specially customize them to meet your needs. Functionality: It gives me all the reports...

Last reviewed on Monday, 18 Aug 2014


This is the easiest-to-use Digital Asset Management system I have come across. I will certainly be recommending it to my other customers. Well done to all the development team and thank you. Extremely well done!

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 07 Aug 2014


Currently using this service and it's great. You're always in a know of what's going in your network. The best part is that the service is free.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 06 Aug 2014


We found numerous flaws in the multi-vendor software that made no sense from an ecommerce perspective such as: 1. All forms that contain an address use a drop down field for the city which must be pre-programmed to contain the city of your customer. There is no way you can know which cities, out of the hundreds of thousands of cities in the world, that your customer lives in or will wants to ship to. Just ridiculous. When...

Last reviewed on Friday, 01 Aug 2014


We were looking for a tool that will allow us to better understand what's going on with our cloud app, we were using Nagios for some pieces of the info some log aggregation tools and few other tools. Stackify integrated all these tools together making it easier for our team to find what we need to solve issues fast without the need to train on different tools. It does a great job at providing lots of useful information without...

Last reviewed on Thursday, 17 Jul 2014


I use IntelligenceBank for my Interior Design business - we are small, but asset rich. IntelligenceBank's DAM service is super easy to use and I like how I can easily store and categorize work in an organized fashion and email images to my clients without additional user licenses. I used to use drop box which was good, but chaotic. I highly recommend IntelligenceBank!

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 17 Jun 2014


We've been using interCloud9 for years. Using both there Predictive Dialer and Voice Broadcasting auto dialers they have been a huge success. There support department is always there if you need them.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 12 Jun 2014


Protoshare was great for me, it helped me with my website works and made it seem effortless and still come out as good quality

Last reviewed on Friday, 06 Jun 2014

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