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The task of choosing Web Tools software can often seem daunting, with many providers offering different services at varying price points with diverse specifications. Using the Web Tools Directory goes some way to making this task simpler for you. We’ve collected and sorted through hundreds of user reviews and ratings for a wide range of criteria, including Customer Service, Ease of Use, Value for Money and Satisfaction. With the aid of these reviews, we aim to make choosing a Web Tools Provider as simple, easy and informative as possible. Below you can find the latest Web Tools Provider Reviews to help you compare the best providers in the industry today.


Excellent tool when you don't want to invest much in building your in-house frameworks and hiring of resources for the same. Very easily locates elements, and very easy synchronization of elements provided by Uxaudit.io. Would recommend when there is a resource, financial and time crunch.

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Last reviewed on Friday, 18 May 2018


Their real-time inventory management brings a lot of advantages in running my multi-location stores, it helps to increase the number of sales and reduce human error.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 17 May 2018


I have thoroughly enjoyed doing user tests for TryMyUI. The tests are simply yet enjoyable, and they pay very well ($10 for a 15 minute test.) I see some complaints on here about being rejected - I actually like that they only accept good testers. It keeps their quality up and makes sure they're only giving money to people who are trying hard. I have done two tests since I started, and they were both paid fairly promptly...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 17 May 2018


"Genuine and Professional Blockchain Developers!" It was a great experience to work with Let's Nurture. Their Team never missed a deadline, which is one of their greatest strengths. They understood all our needs as per our requirements. I am very happy to hired Blockchain app developers for our project from Let's Nurture. Their cost and involvement were satisfactory for our Blockchain Project. I highly recommend "Let's...

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Kovair Software

The migration process between HP QC to VSTS is a success. All the initial issues were fixed on time, all the work items were correctly migrated from HP QC to VSTS, the migration report was well structured and exhaustive and the tight deadline was respected. Thank you Team Kovair for your efforts and cooperation on making this migration process a success. I highly appreciated your attention to detail and relentless determination...

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 09 May 2018


It aggregates my licenses in one centralized place. The software helps me to generate the reports for many requests that I have inside my organization. It also helps me to identify the changes between versions and compare them.

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Last reviewed on Sunday, 06 May 2018


Using Whitesource to manage the process of analysing FOSS for a large product with hundreds of opensource dependencies. Makes life much easier and helps you cover all dependencies much more accurately. Some processes are still a bit course (though improved dramatically over the past 18 months) Refresh performance might be a bit slow when there are very large dependency lists. Best product out there for FOSS lifecycle...

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Last reviewed on Sunday, 06 May 2018


We used to document it all manually. Now its done easily and effectively. Not to mention that we missed many things, so with this we were able to fix some small issues before they become big issues....

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Last reviewed on Sunday, 06 May 2018


Concept is great, have more professional looking listings. My experience was the complete opposite. I created a template and applied it to approximately 300 listings. There was an error in the code and the template was not being displayed. The rep could not fix it and during the first weekend I had 1/3 of the sales that I have been having. After 5 days I removed the template which reverted all of my listings back to original...

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 01 May 2018


This is the second time that we have contracted HTMLPanda for some of our project. That in itself should indicate the amount of confidence and faith we have in HTMLPanda to deliver the same as per our expectation and requirement. Our project is quite complex in nature. But HTMLPanda not even did this complex task but deliver our project before time with so much perfection, We are amazed with their work and completely satisfied...

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018


It's an amazing tool to test our webapps across multiple browsers and OS. I like their switch functionality in which we can switch to different combinations in between testing. The best part is their support which they are providing and even founders are engaged in understanding feedback and making improvements.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 19 Apr 2018


I would leave Zero Stars if it were possible. During pre-sales process we made our company's use-case very clear and were promised that Inksoft's platform would be able to deliver on all accounts. This turned out to NOT be the case. If I had to summarize their Store & Online Design tools it would be "the squarespace WYSIWYG of e-commerce". Their product data feeds from major suppliers are incomplete, riddled with errors,...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 19 Apr 2018


Pros: Flexible and structured for developer Have great ecosystem (ERP PIM CRM ... ) Have CRM Included Have version Open source Good B2B user experience! Cons: Should have more doc Architecture not easy for a beginner developer Should have more extension and theme Overall: Very Good flexible soft which have a nice ecosystem

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 12 Apr 2018

Loginworks Softwares

I am very pleased with the project Loginworks has done, and especially their commitment to providing a quality solution when it meant going the extra mile to do so. They have helped to transform our web project into a platform with excellent stability and speed. In dealing with technical problems or supporting our requests, their software engineers are extremely quick to respond, give a full analysis and implement technical...

Last reviewed on Friday, 06 Apr 2018


One of the best software ever used to manage subscription bills and payment analytics. The main benefit to our business was the cost Pabbly charges $99 for a Lifetime subscription. Other Subscription Billing software charged us $99 a month for the Similar feature.

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Last reviewed on Friday, 23 Feb 2018


Solid product. Best in class. Amazing support. We've automated everything in our localization process with Transifex and we couldn't be happier.

Last reviewed on Friday, 23 Feb 2018


If you get a standard product with no customization you may survive the process. If you are getting any customization be prepared for a lengthy and frustrating experience. The team lacks communication, attention to detail, and any intuitiveness. Be prepared to have to provide every minute detail and then be prepared to share those details over and over again as they are ignored by their team. Although they may complete...

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Last reviewed on Friday, 26 Jan 2018


Support is awful. They only have a chat feature to get support when you hit a snag. It takes 72 hours for each response so expect a very simple conversation /question to take days, if not weeks. I don't hate the product, but the lack of support makes it almost not useable.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 22 Jan 2018

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